We offer you a wide range of agricuture services

The services are offered not only by high-quality equipment but also by qualified personnel.

We offer a wide range of services, from sowing to harvesting. We work with the best performing machines, such as Claas Harvesters  or the Horsch and Kuhn brands, so that the delivery is as short as possible and without loss. We also organize grain transport to elevators and dry cereals as needed.

Harvesting services

Grain harvesting services at advantageous prices.We offer the possibility of paying with agricultural production or selling grain from the field at the market price. 


Soil treatment services

A lot of agriculture services with the most performant equipment.


Storage services,cleaning and drying

Grain storage and drying services in the center of Moldova, Cimiseni and Cruglic commune, Criuleni district.

Also the ability to clean and load the cereals.


Seeding cereals

Sowing services with fertilizing and also aspersion.


Grain delivery services

Grain delivery services by tipping trucks on the territory of Moldova at the most advantageous prices. We offer a wide range of trucks, for example with lateral or back loading, the height of trucks is favorable also for lower deposits (2.90m Kamaz up to 3.90 Semi-trailer ). Delivery from Combine harvesters on fields.


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We are in Cimiseni , 25 km from Chisinau.

MD 4815 Republica Moldova, Cimiseni, Criuleni;

060255755; Fax:024831471


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